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Medical Billing & Coding by Castle Medical Coding & Billing

The utmost important element to guarantee reimbursements for healthcare service provider is proper and accurate medical billing and coding. Even the smallest mistake can cause huge delay in payment.

Foundation of Your Financial Performance

Billing and coding are essential for any healthcare service provider regardless of the size of the facility; these can get in the way of providing patients with quality care. In addition, billing and coding are a full-time job, and when it is done accurately, it produces substantial financial growth. As the keystone of your financial performance, your organization should have a system in place that runs efficiently and effectively. Utilizing your resources on setting up your medical billing and coding department diverts your patient-centeric approach.

astle Medical coding and Medical Billing is a one stop store, which offers you complete revenue cycle management. Why we shall be preferred then other medical billing options:

• Timely filed claims
• Experts (Certified and experienced) medical coders and billers
• 100% transparency with data and processing
• Coding is always up to regulation
• Informed and updated about latest medical billing and coding regulations
• Customized solutions to fit your organization
• Conveniently approachable and affordable than in-house medical coding and billing department in placed.

Select Castle Medical Billing and Coding to keep Your Revenue Cycle on Track

Caslte Medical’s team handles complete revenue cycle management. Few services are highlighted:

  • Processing insurance claims
  • Denial management
  • Keeping accurate records, and more
Castle Medical Coding and Billing takes away all your medical coding ad billing burden. Our certified and experienced medical coders and billers will get this job for you and we will leave you to focus on your patients care which eventually will increase volume of patients at your healthcare facility.

Our team will also rectify and clean up what errors were left by last billers.Our experts will spot the cause of negatively affected revenue and remedy it immediately.
Another salient feature of Castle Medical Coding and Billing that we will keep you informed and updated about your organization’s revenue cycle management.

Contact us Now and arrange free consultation session with one of our expert to help you understand how Castle Medical coding and Billing can assist your in your RCM.

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