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Credentialing by Castle Medical Coding & Billing

Credentialing is a crucial part of becoming a trusted healthcare provider by the endless list of insurance company venders out there in the marketplace.

Credentialing and contracting are the basic element of starting a healthcare service provider. It also builds and strengthens your relationships with insurance companies as well as patients

PPO (Preferred Provider Network)

Castle Medical Coding and Billing services places you in these networks with such contracts that will benefit you. Credentialing is an important part of registering in an insurance company’s preferred provider network. This will enhance ratio of smooth patient’s experience and longevity of patient and healthcare provider’s relationship.

Top-notch Insurance companies in terms of revenue are:

  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
Despite of large pool of insurance companies Castle Medical Billing can navigate and can get you connected with right prospects.
With insurance companies closing off their panels and creating several obstacles for entry, it can be challenging to get into your desired network.To remedy this problem Caslte Medical Coding and billing can help you get through.
Credentialing can take hours and hours of your time. Castle Medical Coding and Billing can help you establishing this without eating your precious time.

Give us a call today as Castle Medical Coding and Billing is one-stop solutions for healthcare service provider.

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