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Contracting by Castle Medical Coding & Billing

Castle Medical Coding and Billing will obtain and negotiate contracts with insurance payers. We make it certain that your contracts with insurance carriers are up-to-date and attain the maximum reimbursement rates.

Negotiating In-Network Contracts

Negotiating contracts effectively is the first step in growing your facility to the set standard. Our expert team is expert in negotiation skill.Ineffective negotiation can directly impacts on revenue. We enroll physicians in both Public and private networks.

Out-of-Network Negotiations

Out-of-network billing is the trickiest aspect of billing, and our expert team has hands on experience in delivering these services. We protect your patients by carefully analyzing historical data based on your locality and negotiate based on the analysis. Castle Medical Coding and Billing ensures that we negotiate each claim, on your behalf, as well as your patients.

Long Lasting Relationships

Understanding the prose and cons of these contracts is key to enhance your reimbursements. By understanding bits of these contracts you can help prevent denials and help your revenue cycle to operate effectively. It is also essential in giving you correct and timely reimbursements. We handle all the aspects that are involved in the contracting process.
These are following: Defining and explaining the provider’s reimbursements. Arrangements for delivering healthcare services to patients, and more.
We will ensure negotiation for best get rates for your healthcare facility.

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