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Australian Coding Standards by Castle Medical Coding & Billing

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for worldwide use in translating the narrative descriptions of diseases, injuries and procedures contained in medical records into alphanumeric codes

In Australia the the following classification system is being used.
ACS (International Classification of Diseases 10th revision Australian Modification Australian Classification of Health Interventions and Australian Coding Standards)

What is the job of clinical coder

Clinical coding is a health administration function that involves the translation of written clinical statements into a code system. A clinical coder analyses information about an episode of patient care and assign standardized codes using a classification system.
For example, “K35.8” code represents acute appendicitis .
Different countries follow different coding edition, such as: New Zealand – 8th edition
Qatar – 7th edition
Tonga – 4th edition
Singapore – 6th edition

Fiji – 4th edition
Hong Kong – 6th edition
Ireland – 8th edition

Saudi Arabia – 6th edition
Australia – 10th edition

Course contents

The coursework contains following modules. Modules 1 to 14 focus on assessment. In these models several examples are also included for ample practice. Module 15 is revision.
1. Introduction to coding and coding diseases with ICD-10-AM
2. Coding procedures with ACHI
3. Australian coding standards and coding from medical records
4. Coding symptoms, factors influencing health status and infectious diseases
5. Coding neoplasms
6. Coding blood, endocrine and mental disorders
7. Coding nervous system, eye and ear diseases
8. Coding circulatory diseases
9. Coding respiratory, digestive and skin diseases
10. Coding musculoskeletal and genitourinary diseases
11. Coding pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
12. Coding perinatal and congenital conditions
13. Coding injuries and causes of injury
14. Coding poisonings and causes of poisonings
15. Revision (self-assessment questions and answers)

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